Why a Home Sleep Study Can Be the Smart Alternative to a Laboratory Test

Posted on: 17 May 2021


If you suffer from sleep apnoea or other sleep-related problems, you may have considered going for a sleep study in a hospital or laboratory to help identify the cause of your problems. The good news is that such studies can now be done at home with a home sleep study test. Here are some of the reasons why this could be the right solution for you.


Firstly, a home sleep study can easily be more accurate than one that takes place in a sleep laboratory. The kit will include a sensor that will monitor your bodily data such as breathing, heart rate, and oxygen levels. If these test results are to be meaningful, it is vital that your sleep patterns are as typical as possible. For most people, trying to sleep in a strange bed in a different environment will automatically change their sleep patterns, so that the test affects its own results. By taking the test at home in your own bed, you will ensure that the data are as near as possible to your normal patterns, allowing for an accurate diagnosis of any problems.


A second reason for taking a home test is that it will be much less disruptive to your everyday life. A sleep study will typically take place over several nights and so may require time off work or changes to your daily routine. It will certainly involve travel to and from the laboratory and is also likely to be expensive. All of this will be highly inconvenient, and the worry can be disruptive to the very sleep that you are trying to study. A home sleep study will have minimal impact on your everyday life and will be much cheaper than a laboratory study, so it will not cause you any extra stress and worry.


Finally, if you apply for a laboratory test, you are likely to go on a long waiting list, during which time your problems will continue undiagnosed and untreated. A home test on the other hand can be sent as soon as you order it, which means you can undergo the study and have your results analysed without having to wait for months for a place.

Home sleep study kits are a faster, more accurate and more convenient way of testing for sleep problems. Your supplier will be happy to answer any more questions you have about the test.