• Back Pain Basics: Types, Symptoms, and When to Seek Medical Help

    Back pain is a common problem, with many possible sources. Whether your back pain is caused by a simple strain or a more serious underlying condition, understanding the different types of back pain and when to seek medical attention can help you manage your symptoms and prevent further complications: read on for four common varieties of back pain, and for when you should consider contacting a medical professional. Muscle Strain
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  • What Are Some of the Different Treatments That Are Used in Physiotherapy?

    If you are recovering from surgery, or if you have recently been injured, then your doctor might have recommended that you meet with a physiotherapist. You might meet with a physiotherapist in a hospital setting or in their clinic. In some cases, physiotherapists will come to your home to work with you. The physiotherapist will look at your medical records and talk to you a little bit about the injury or surgery that you are recovering from.
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  • Tips for Healing Your Muscular Shoulder Injury

    Shoulder injuries are common and can follow activities such as golf, rugby, tennis and weight lifting. When you experience pain, it may affect your ability to engage in everyday activities. For example, something as simple as reaching a shelf for food or putting on a jumper can become difficult. Because of this, you'll want to heal your injury as quickly as possible. Here are some ways to do so. Reduce Swelling with Temperature Therapy
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