Unparalled Advantages Of Choosing Micro BTE Hearing Aids

Posted on: 30 September 2019


BTE, Behind The Ear, hearing aids are one of the oldest yet most popular options. This design of hearing aid comprises an ear mould, a shell and a connector tube. The shell functions to contain the electronic components that make up the hearing aid, for example, the battery and all other elements. The ear mould is the part of the device that is customised to fit into your ear canal so you can be assured that it will be a perfect fit. The rest of the device sits behind your ear, hence the name.

Since there are various options when in the market for hearing aids, ranging from Receiver In Canal (RIC) to In The Ear (ITE) devices, you could be wondering why you should visit a micro BTE hearing aid provider. The reason why is that the micro BTE option offers a myriad of unparalleled advantages, and a couple are illuminated below.

Micro BTE hearing aids are outfitted with a range of functions.

A major concern you may have about BTE hearing aids is that since they have been around for decades, they will not be as functional as their new-age counterparts are. However, this is untrue. Micro BTE hearing aids are just as technologically advanced, if not more advanced, than their newer counterparts. The hardware is outfitted with an array of controls, ranging from programming to volume buttons.

Moreover, a micro BTE hearing aid will also have a telecoil that provides you with an audio induction loop system in noisy public spaces. Therefore, if you want a highly functional hearing aid, then a micro BTE option will be an ideal choice.

Micro BTE hearing aids are incredibly enduring.

A massive advantage that micro BTE hearing aids have when compared to the other options available in the market is their durability. These types of hearing aids are not vulnerable to decline since a shell casing, as mentioned previously, protects all the electric components, as aforementioned. Hence, unlike the In The Ear or Receiver In Canal hearing aids, the micro BTEs will not be unnecessarily exposed to moisture or earwax that could substantially decrease their performance.

In addition to this, since the BTE lies behind the ear, this positioning enhances its protection against undue damage. Not to mention that a good number of micro BTE hearing aid providers design the microphones with encasing to protect this component so you can stop worrying about this element prematurely declining, too! So if you want to invest in hearing aids that will serve you for the long term, the micro BTE variety is a great choice.