4 Effective Measures To Protect Your Teeth From The Evils Of Sugary Drinks

Posted on: 21 July 2017


Sugary drinks taste great. After all, who doesn't like something sweet to drink at the end of a meal, or at any point during the day? But the truth is that sugary drinks cause more harm than good – not only to your teeth, but to your overall health as well. Even the World Health Organisation recommends sugar intake of below 10 percent of total energy intake. WHO recommends a further reduction to 5 percent, or 6 teaspoons per day, for maximum health benefits.

Recognise The Ill-Effects Of Sugar On Teeth

The first effective measure to protect your teeth is to understand the perils of sugar in the first place. With nearly 16 packs of sugar found in a regular 600 ml soft drink, consuming just a can every day will significantly increase your risk of tooth erosion and decay. A 2007 survey revealed that 47 percent of children from the age of 2 until 16 consumed sugar-filled beverages on a daily basis, which is a significantly high number. From the data, it's clear that more beverages means greater risk of teeth decay in the short and long run.

Switch To Water Instead Of Sugar-Filled Drinks

Sugary drinks cause acidity wherever they go – even on your teeth.  Acidic sugar remains on the enamel until well after you've consumed your drink. This sugar presence starts to break down and dissolve tooth enamel. Sugar also prevents minerals from being absorbed by your teeth, which causes more and more nasty bacteria to form in your teeth. You cannot even brush your teeth after consuming a drink because this rough action will cause the sugar to decay your teeth even faster. Water is perhaps the best alternative to sugary drinks because it does not contain any teeth-destroying acids and is healthier for your body overall.  

Give Your Teeth Time To Remineralise

Soft drinks in moderation should leave your teeth intact, especially since the natural remineralisation process can strengthen your teeth once again. Saliva contains phosphates and calcium, which can help to repair your teeth – provided they aren't excessively damaged with too many sugary drinks. Using fluoride toothpaste can also help to restore damaged enamel up to a certain degree.  

Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Dental Visit

Most people cringe at the idea of visiting a dentist, but it is important to ensure that your sugary drinks consumption isn't causing irreversible teeth damage. A dentist will conduct an oral examination and will thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent sugary acids from permanently destroying your pearly whites.

Sugary drinks are best avoided or consumed in moderation if you're looking to protect your teeth over time. If your teeth are starting to show signs of decay, visit your dentist immediately to prevent it from getting worse.